Sun And Sky Entertainment is a full-service production and management company that provides the following services:


Our management team is focused on developing artists and guide them to develop a lifelong career. We work with some of the top industry producers, agents, venues, promoters, and develop an entire team for each artist we manage. Our management team comes from some of the most respected companies in the entertainment business and we match up our artists to a manager that can lead them to the future. Our entire team is consistently working to enhance the artists' brand.


Our Influencer Management division is one of the leading management firms in the world. We represent influencers who are interested in diversifying and expanding their brand. We handle all aspects of our client's career that includes, Partnerships, Brand Deals, Youtube Development and Monetization, Merchandise development, Store Setup, Follower Growth, Television appearances, creation of new shows/platforms, bookings, all inbound inquiries and emails, fan engagement, music career, touring, book deals, tv deals, podcasts, collaborations with other influencers, introduction to legal and accounting teams, agency introductions and much more.


Sun and Sky Records is an Independent Record Label and works with clients to release all genres of music worldwide with innovative platforms and brand new marketing strategies to leverage all entertainment platforms. 

We release music, develop artists, market music through various platforms and build fans for the independent Musician. Sun and Sky Records manages its' own playlists on Spotify to help artists gain new fans and streams.


Sun and Sky Gaming, is compromised of several departments. Our Gaming division is on the cutting edge of the gaming industry and has some new and innovative ways to expand gaming for our clients. 

Management, Multi-platform Programming, Marketing, Sponsorship, Touring, Appearances, Brand Deals, Creating new content, Creating new revenue streams, Development, Brand Management, Live Touring, and more.