is a full-service production and management company that

provides the following services:


At Sun and Sky Entertainment's Management Division, we specialize in the full service management of digital content creators, from enhancing burgeoning careers to revitalizing stagnant channels. We're known for our successful track record, including elevating a creator from zero to over 30 million followers, and turning non-performing platforms into profitable ventures. Our team excels in guiding hobbyist creators to professional, lucrative careers and scaling modest channels into major online presences.

Our management division handles all aspects of your career, including our skilled team that handles all of your brand partnerships, ensuring you maximize the value from these opportunities. Our approach is not just about numbers; it’s about enhancing content quality, boosting audience engagement, increasing revenue and developing a strong brand presence to ensure a long term career that does not rely on short term trends.

Importantly, our Management Division operates on a principle that aligns our success with yours: we do not charge any fees unless our creators start earning. This commitment ensures that we are fully invested in your success, working hand-in-hand to achieve your goals.

Our team, adept at leveraging AI and cutting-edge digital strategies, is committed to ethical and non-controversial content, fostering careers that are successful, respectful, and sustainable. At Sun and Sky Entertainment, we are more than managers; we are partners dedicated to building long-lasting, successful careers in the digital content creation space.


At Sun and Sky Entertainment, our YouTube Partnership Division is dedicated to investing in, elevating and optimizing the presence of creators on YouTube.

We focus on establishing successful collaborations that transform the way content is created, managed, and monetized on the platform.

Our division offers a unique investment model where we not only partner with creators but also invest in the essential resources needed for their channel's growth. This includes hiring skilled video editors and thumbnail designers, as well as providing managers who expertly post and analyze content. Our commitment goes beyond just advisory roles; we are prepared to invest in tangible assets like props and equipment, and even bring in professional cameramen when necessary to enhance the production quality of the videos.

We believe in a joint ownership approach, where we either develop a new YouTube channel alongside the creator or enhance an existing one, ensuring a partnership that is truly collaborative. This arrangement includes managing all costs related to the channel’s development, emphasizing our vested interest in the channel's success.

Our program is a perfect fit for creators who wish to focus exclusively on what they do best – creating and filming content. In this program, once you provide us with your raw footage, our skilled team takes over the reins. We manage everything else – from the intricate editing process, designing captivating thumbnails, to posting and analyzing the content. This approach allows creators to dedicate all their energy and creativity to filming, assured that the post-production is in capable hands.

Our partnership program is designed to offer more than just financial investment. We provide strategic guidance on channel optimization, content strategy, and audience engagement. Our team works closely with creators to explore additional revenue streams, enhance monetization methods, and identify opportunities for brand collaborations that align with their content and audience.

At Sun and Sky Entertainment, the success of our YouTube partners is a reflection of our commitment and expertise. We are not just investors; we are collaborators who are deeply involved in the creative and strategic process, ensuring that each YouTube channel we partner with reaches its full potential and achieves significant growth and success.