Our 2020 Recap and Looking Towards 2021

Our 2020 Recap and Looking Towards 2021

From a deadly pandemic that put a stop to our daily lives and our economy to a global movement for racial justice, 2020 certainly brought a lot of world-shifting events. Shaken studios, empty theaters, and titans of the entertainment and media business reported huge losses. In the music industry, live performance revenue was the biggest casualty. 

In 2021 our industry continues to fight back the economic hit of the pandemic with new and innovative partnerships and entertainment models. Looking back to 2020 Sun and Sky Entertainment, accomplished incredible things that allowed us to press forward into a new year. Some of those accomplishments include: 

Our record label’s partnership with Warner Music Group’s ADA division.   

This partnership has allowed us to further catapult our mission of identifying young talent while increasing our brand’s and reach’s visibility.

We released more than 20 singles and albums through our record label; many of them made headlines and were added to Spotify playlists such as is the case of Austin Giorgio’s newest single “I forget” which was added to 6 editorial Spotify playlists! including New Music. Friday, New Music Friday Sweden, New Music Friday North Africa, New Music Friday Egypt, and New Music Friday Levant. Click here for a full list of the songs we released last year.